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Contract Services

FASS Packaging is a project based company with the unique ability to quickly reconfigure our production environment. Our current abilities include:

  • Bulk to retail/end user packaging

  • Contract assembly

  • Collating

  • Cross merchandise and promotional packaging

  • Fulfillment

  • Hand assembly

  • Labeling

  • Point-of-purchasing assembly and packaging

  • Re-packs and re-applies

  • Reworks

  • Sorting


  • Fixed function/process cost.

  • Free up labor, production space, and warehouse space so resources can be used to increase capacity of profitable activities. For instance, when customers packaging volume under or over employs their own packaging lines.

  • Reduced lead time.

  • Reduced or shared risk.

  • Peace of mind knowing your project details are our #1 priority.

Why FASS Packaging?

  • Proven quality, cost, and on time track record.

  • High service and communications standards.

  • Experienced project managers and supervisors.

  • Stable labor force.

  • Central distribution location (Washington, MO).

  • Clean, modern facility.

  • Over 40 years of custom packaging design success.

Call 800-280-0300 or email us to discuss your project requirements

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