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Paper Pallets

an easily recycled alternative to wooden or plastic pallets

Some of the nation's top manufacturers currently use or have used our paper pallets to store and distribute their products.


  • Animal Feed and Supplements

  • Automotive Products (OEM)

  • Consumer Food Products

  • Consumer Durable Goods

  • Furniture

  • Equipment

  • Industrial Goods

  • Ingredients (bulk, bagged or boxed)

  • Plastic Containers

  • Pharmaceutical Products

  • Point-of-Purchase Display Bases

  • Export (land, sea and air)

© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Paper Pallet cutaway showing honeycomb supports

We've cut away the top deck to reveal the honeycomb blocks capable of supporting 23,000 lbs. of flat compression*. Each pallet is engineered for its specific application.


  • Clean, just like a new box.

  • Strong - Many designs can support >2,500 lbs., 4-high in warehouse

  • Lightweight - Typically 7-15 lbs. - allowing you to ship up to 2,200 lbs. more product per truckload.

  • Sustainable - Produced with recycled content.

  • 100% Recyclable - Bale with other containerboard waste.

  • ISPM 15 exempt for export.

  • Meets approved disposal regulations of foreign countries.

  • Free of nails, staples and splinters.

  • Worker friendly.

  • Custom configurable to any form.

  • Ship one-way, then recycle.

  • Use in-house as a slave pallet.

Opportunity & Success:

While paper pallets will never replace wooden or plastic pallets, there are many applications where they are perfectly suited. FASS Packaging has four decades of diverse experience designing and manufacturing paper pallets for nearly every market.

Ideal transport environments:


  • Closed Loop Distribution - This is where your company has complete control over shipments using dedicated or company owned transportation. LTL or full truckload.

  • Full Truckload Distribution - Only full truckloads are shipped from point A to B without transfers or cross-docking of palletized product.

  • Export Distribution - When product is loaded into a sea van or container at the point of manufacture. Product is then unloaded at customer's dock.  Guarantees ISPM 15 compliance if no other solid wood packaging is present.

A paper pallet program's success will be influenced by many factors within the manufacturing, storage and distribution environment. But, if your products are shipped via closed loop, full truckload or export mode, success can be attained by fully assessing the environment and incorporating effective procedures and training where necessary.

We have the technical experience required to implement a successful paper pallet program. 


Call 800-280-0300 or email us for a no obligation project consult.

*Flat compression is calculated under ideal conditions (70° F, 50% Relative Humidity). Always use a minimum 4 to 1 safety factor to calculate actual static load capacity. Dynamic load capacity is influenced by many factors and is not discussed as part of this website. Paper pallets CANNOT be used in open racks. DO NOT attempt to store a paper pallet in a rack without a solid floor or slave wooden pallet in place with a rated capacity in excess of 4 times the maximum load weight. Death or serious injury may occur. Size and weight limitations apply. Laboratory and field testing should be performed to validate all pallet and package designs. Information presented on this website does not replace professional, application specific advise.

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