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Packaging Design

What sets FASS Packaging apart from the competition is our approach to design. While many packaging suppliers are just that, suppliers, we take a focused interest in the many cost centers affected by packaging and its successful design.

Well designed protective packaging delivers much more than a safe way from point A to point B. The effects can be felt across departmental lines, and subsequently, below the bottom line.

Each department below is somehow affected by a company's packaging design choices. Package design optimization almost always positively impacts operational efficiency, labor balancing, customer satisfaction and bottom line savings.

  • Quality

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Engineering

  • Purchasing

  • Production

  • Accounting

  • Safety

  • Shipping

  • Receiving

  • Warehousing

Our design system begins with an in-depth analysis. We consider the departments affected by packaging design. For every design feature we incorporate, we ask "how will this impact and benefit your business?"
Successfully operating in the industrial packaging space for over 40 years, we know the right questions to ask. Our detailed approach allows us to deliver innovative, original, feature rich, efficient, cost-effective, and frequently elegant solutions to both complex and simple packaging applications.



  • Eliminate product damage costs

  • Reduce product returns costs

  • Improve customer goodwill

  • Improve product and company image

  • Minimize material consumption

  • Improve packaging process

  • Improve worker safety

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase product throughput

  • Eliminate packaging bottlenecks

  • Increase storage capabilities

  • Reduce labor costs

  • Reduce shipping costs

While material cost savings are constantly factored into our design equation, not every application calls for a material cost reduction. There are many instances where it's far more profitable for a company to increase the cost of packaging (by using better materials and designs) to effectively and substantially reduce other departmental costs. Every application is different.
In today's "cut costs" at any cost business environment it's easy for one department to reduce costs, effectively transferring that burden to another department. Those are not real savings and are probably increasing overall operational costs!
Bottom line saving are REAL savings.

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