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Single Pack

a single product in one package or unit load

Big box store shelves are lined with single packed products. When a package is delivered to your home or business via UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Service, most likely it will be a single package item.

Industrial products often require single packs to ship valuable components to other manufacturers.


© Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Industrial Single Pack Illustration

This industrial design utilizes Fibre/Core® wrapped honeycomb that is die-cut. All internal packaging components are durable, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Opportunity to Improve

Single pack packaging represents one of the the highest non-product related material expense for manufacturers. It's easy to understand why most buyers and material managers want to reduce that cost. Most products require some level of protective packaging to survive the journey from the end of the assembly line into the hands of end user. FASS engineers the optimal level of protection from materials with the appropriate strength and cushioning capabilities. With forty years of successful design experience coupled with a shrewd awareness of the performance properties of different materials, we are able to offer our customers packaging that is optimized for each product and perform exactly as required.

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