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Crate Pack

a secure and protective pack for large and/or heavy objects

Wooden crates are heavy, difficult to assemble and offer little internal protection without adding extra costs. In fact, most impact g-force and vibration is transferred directly to the anchor points (i.e. your product). Our "Crate Pack" designs are ISPM 15 exempt, utilize materials sourced from partners with sustainability initiatives in place, pack fast, offer superior protection, and are designed to offer a total cost reduction.



© Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Wooden Crate - Not Recyclable

Transfers Shock - Difficult Assembly - Heavy - Not Recyclable - Safety Risk to Workers - Requires Heat Treat for ISPM 15 Compliance

© Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Crate Pack - Recyclable

Exceptional Protection - Professional Appearance - Fast & Easy Assembly - ISPM 15 Exempt - Recyclable - Safe

Fast and Easy to Build and Pack

Replace wooden crates with a sturdy, sustainable, stack-able solution. Crate pack designs are cost effective, super strong, lightweight and easy to assemble. 


  • High Performance Protection

  • Labor Savings (through a substantial reduction in pack time)

  • Professional Appearance

  • Stack-able

  • Lightweight

  • Sustainable

  • Recyclable

  • Contains Recycled Content

  • Easy Assembly

  • Freight Savings

  • ISPM 15 Exempt

  • Safe (free of nails, splinters and staples)

  • Pest Free


Wherever a wooden crate is being used a Crate Pack from FASS Packaging can be used in its place*. Crate Packs are custom designed.

  • Aerospace

  • Appliances (commercial and consumer)

  • Consumer Durable Goods

  • Fitness Equipment

  • Furniture

  • Fixtures, Cabinets, Cases and Displays

  • Industrial Goods

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Medical Equipment

  • Recreational Equipment

Large Product and Equipment Packaging

This patented design protects and immobilizes your product vertically and horizontally. It also can be stacked without transferring weight to the product below.

Stack-able High Performance Protection

© Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Crate Pack - Equipment
© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Product Protection Shield Illustration
© Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Crate Pack - Equipment

Commercial treadmills shipped safely to their destination in this Crate Pack.

End users are able to easily recycle the 100% paper package.

Durable and Easy to Recycle
Shipping heavy, bulky, fragile and often valuable products into locations where wooden crates are difficult and expensive to recycle or dispose of is possible with a protective, durable Crate Pack.

Lightweight, Durable and Easily Recycled

© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Ultra DurableCrate Pack
© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Product Protection Shield Illustration

Crate Packs are easily shipped into large cities where solid wood packaging is very expensive and difficult to dispose of. End users easily recycle the entire package as it contains only paper.

ISPM 15 Exempt for Export Shipments
Whether you are shipping a race car body to Australia or a hospital bed to New Zealand we have a cost effective solution. A crate packs offers affordable protection from damage, looks professional and is ISPM 15 exempt.

Pest Free, Affordable and Safe

© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Crate Pack for Race Car Body  Export
© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Crate Pack for Race Car Body Finished Export
© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Product Protection Shield Illustration

This race car body was shipped to Australia in a Crate Pack produced entirely from paper. Assembly was fast and easy and the Crate Pack was easily recycled.

Using materials consistent with their inherent strengths and incorporating performance enhancing features can turn sloppy, damage prone packaging into a source of pride and customer praise! Let FASS Packaging help you reap the benefits.
Call 800-280-0300 or email us for a no obligation project consult.

*Size and weight limitations apply. Laboratory and field testing should be performed to validate all pallet and package designs. Information presented on this website does not replace professional, application specific advise.

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