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Multi Pack

multiple of same or similar products in one package or unit load

Readily recyclable materials, expertly engineered to your unique application. 
Unlike single material manufacturers, we believe that synergistic packaging designs evolve by exploiting the inherent strengths of different materials.

The materials most often selected for our protective designs are Kraft Honeycomb, Corrugated and Fibre/Core®. These materials possess unique structural properties, complimenting each other in very different ways.

Custom Packaging

The little things add up! Many "suppliers" offer the minimum at the lowest "price" no matter the cost.


We offer our expertise and intellectual property developed over the past four decades.

The terms "synergy" and "thoughtful consideration" are frequently used at FASS Packaging as we highly regard them.


"Synergy" in packaging occurs organically when design enhancements result in packaging that performs perfectly. When the sum of its parts is greater than the whole.

By incorporating innovative features into our designs, our customers reap the benefits of our "thoughtful consideration". Below is an example of the level of care we take when developing custom packaging. Feature rich packaging designs translate into company wide benefits (see Packaging Design).

© Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Industrial Multi Pack Illustration with Text

Thoughtfully developed packaging often requires a "custom home builder" approach. Asking a corrugated manufacturer to design all of your packaging is a bit like asking a siding manufacturer to design and build your home. How can you trust that the single material manufacturer has incorporated features that deliver value and usefulness throughout the design? Based on your application and specific goals, knowing what, where and how much material to use is where we excel.

In the example below, the unit load on the left was designed and produced by a major corrugated manufacturer. The unit load on the right was designed and produced by FASS Packaging (i.e., custom home builder). The total package costs were approximately the same. However, by using the right materials, in the right amount, in the right place, the benefits are undeniable, even to the untrained eye.


To win the showdown requires engineered features.

Competitor's design:

Corrugated board has vertical stacking strength. Exclusive use in this application resulted in deformed corners and edges caused by the strapping and stretch wrap. While it probably looked perfect going out the door, as it traveled to the end user the stretch wrap pulled the layer pads inward and down. The strapping then became loose allowing the 140 parts to become individual and migratory.

FASS Packaging problem solving design:

  • Corner Protectors

    • restricts stretch wrap's inward and downward pressure.

  • Top Cap

    • transfers downward pressure of straps and stretch wrap to the unit load perimeter.

  • Die-Cut Honeycomb

    • a reduced perimeter keeps straps from deforming the layer material.

  • Strategic Strap Pattern

    • applies even, supported, downward pressure through the product column.

Result: A happy customer receives professional looking unit loads containing secure and undamaged product.

Using materials consistent with their inherent strengths and incorporating performance enhancing features can turn sloppy, under-performing packaging into a source of pride and customer praise! Let FASS Packaging help you reap the benefits.


Call 800-280-0300 or email us to begin a better packaging program.

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