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Who we are:

Expert designers and manufacturers of protective industrial packaging systems.


We use sustainable materials to design & manufacture:


We are a short lead time manufacturer of custom sized honeycomb void fill, cushioning products and allied packaging components.

We are willing to go the extra mile for our customers, willing to help in any way we can.

What we do:

Carefully study and evaluate manufacturing, packaging, storage and shipping environments. We look for hidden waste, inefficiency, and opportunity.


Based on the data collected, we offer alternative package designs with well though out features and compelling benefits.

Our Customers:

Manufacturers of any product that requires protective packaging.

How we do it:

By following a proven system that delivers repeatable, measurable results.

  • Goal based project parameters.

  • Careful on-site study.

  • Collaborative design development.

  • Prototype testing and evaluation.

Why trust us:

Since 1979, we have creatively solved simple and complex packaging problems for manufactures through thoughtful design, testing and collaborating with our customers, partners and employees.


Our mission is to save our customers real money.

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